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Marble Inlay & Mosaic Art

Since the dawns of Civilization, humans have expressed their internal beauty in various art forms. Mosaic and Stone Inlay Carft is also such forms of art. Nice work of natural stone inlay could be widely seen on the Walls & Floors of Taj Mahal & Tomb of Amir Khusroo, Red fort etc.

Across globe, natural stones are available in large number of shades, colours and textures. We use these wide variety of semi-precious stones, decorative stones, marbles and limestones to create Marble Inlay Artifacts and Stone Mosaic art.

Process of making Stone Inlay & Mosaic Artifacts -

Firstly, The Traditional Artists draw a real size outline sketch of the design. The Base Stone for Marble inlay is selected and cut into desired size and shape. Normally base stones are Either Marble or Limestone.

Proper colour stones are selected from the wide range of semiprecious and decorative stones. These stones are then sliced. The marble inlay artists cut these sliced stones into various shapes as per the Design of Marble Inlay.

On other side, The inlay design is is also been hand engraved on Base stone. Artisans use the diamond tipped chissels for engraving.

The finely shaped semi-precious and decorative stone peices are than inlaid in the engraved part of base stone. Fine quality of epoxy is used for bonding.

In mosaic art, the base stone is not engraved. The finely shaped semiprecious and decoractive stones are placed on the base stone ( some times net) and bonded together with the help of epoxy.

The marble inlaid stone or Mosaic stone is than polished to give it smooth feel and fine gloss.

Natural Stones, the finest gift of nature are used to create intecrate floweral and geometrical designs. The Marble inlay art is known by different names worldwide.

- Marble inlay art
- Pacchikari art
- Mamo in Tarsia
- Marmol mosaic, and many...

Let's discover the magic of stone.

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